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Is It Possible To Get A United States Work Visa Without Sponsorship?

Yes, it is possible to obtain a work visa without sponsorship from an employer in the United States. There are three types of visas that allow this, and they are known as EB-1, O-1, and EB-5. An immigration attorney can help with obtaining one of these visas.

EB-1 Work Visa

An EB-1 work visa may be available to you if you are an alien with extraordinary ability. This includes the ability to demonstrate national or international acclaim in science, art, education, business, or athletics. Also included, with certain conditions, are outstanding researchers and professors—EB-1 grants permanent residency.

O-1 Work Visa

An O-1 work visa is similar to the EB-1 in that it is for people with extraordinary abilities in science, art, education, business, and athletics. However, unlike the EB-1, the O-1 must be renewed and includes individuals recognized in the motion picture and television industries.

EB-5 Work Visa

An EB-5 work visa is a program for immigrant investors. The minimum investment amount is $900,000 and allows investors, their spouses, and their children under 21 to apply for permanent residency.

Need Assistance In Obtaining A Work Visa? Chielo Law Can Help

It is possible to work in the United States without sponsorship if you meet specific requirements. To find out if you qualify or to address any other immigration concerns you may have, contact the experienced legal team at Chielo Law.